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Teaching Jobs In The Maldives
Think of desert islands and barefoot paradise. Over 1,000 Robinson Crusoe islands make up the Maldives each with stunning lagoons and white sand beaches; a perfect natural combination. Famous as a top dive destination, the Maldives is home to three quarters of the worlds reef fish. Add excellent water sports, luxury hotels and world-class spas for the perfect retreat.
Population: 328,000
Size: 116 sq miles
Capital: Male
Language: Dhivehi
Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa
Time Zone
Time Zone: GMT +5 hours
Temperature: 24 C (75 F) -  33 C (91 F)
Drive Side
Drive Side: Left
Major Industries: Tourism
Dialling Code
Dialing Code: +960
Only primary and secondary education, neither of which is compulsory, is offered in Maldives. Students seeking higher education tend to go abroad to a university as there is only one in the Maldives. Maldives has three types of schools: Quranic schools, Dhivehi-language primary schools, and English-language primary and secondary schools. The first International school has opened in Male, capital of the Maldives.

This curriculum incorporates environmental studies, science, Dhivehi language, mathematics, English language, fine arts, physical education and calligraphy.

A number of English medium schools prepare older students as London GCE '0' level candidates.
The Centre for Higher Secondary Education, a Government based educational centre, prepares students to sit for the London GCE 'A' level examinations. Maintaining an affiliation to a reputed external examination system at secondary level, the Government has most appropriately innovated and introduced a Fisheries Science Programme into the secondary school, the subject having been offered at GCE '0' level since 1987.

As is common in other developing nations, students must travel abroad for a higher education in college or university. In their continuing efforts to upgrade the educational standards, the Maldives' Government maintains education as a priority.

The standard of education in the Maldives is generally good.

Teaching Jobs in the Maldives

We recruit teaching staff for a number of prestigious international schools in the Maldives and are always keen to hear from qualified teachers of all subjects. English mother tongue.

We have vacancies throughout the year so if you are interested in a teaching position in The Maldives please register HERE.

To view our current Teaching Vacancies in the Maldives click HERE.